Monday, July 7, 2014

Coin Roll Hunting Finds From Box #57 - Nickel Bullion Search Continues!

What do you do when you you are roughly 80 pounds away from your goal of obtaining 100 pounds of pre-1982 nickels? You get to work coin roll hunting through more boxes of course! Some quick math would reveal that we have a lot of work a head of us in terms of achieving our goal. By only acquiring close to 20 pounds of 99.9% nickel nickels in the first half of the year, that means we have to find 4x as much in the second half of the year. That will not be easy, so we will have to put in a lot of work and most likely adjust a few things a long the way in order to make it.

Fortunately, our efforts were rewarded with a pretty decent box this week. Our percentage of pre-1982 nickel bullion coins was back up around the 6% mark. If we can get that percentage each box for the rest of the year, that will make a large impact on our goal. However, we are still not doing the greatest at finding older coins, that is, Canadian nickels before 1963 or American nickels before 1960. We were only able to find 3 pre-1963 Canadian nickels, consisting of the years 1962 and 1961. While that is disappointing, we would still much rather be successful with the 99.9% nickel nickels than these older finds. With that in mind, lets take a look at the results from our 57th nickel box:

$100 Nickel Box #57
-116 99.9% nickel nickels (5.8%)
-3 pre-1963 Canadian nickels
-0 pre-1960 American nickels

The challenge of the goal is actually making coin roll hunting a lot of fun. We don't know how the year will end, particularly since we can't control the percentage that we find in each box, but we can control our effort and we are committed to working hard to hit the 100 pound mark we set out for at the beginning of the year. Thank you as always for your support and following our journey.

How are your coin roll hunting searches going? Let us know what you are finding in the comments section, as we always love hearing your successes as well!

Friday, July 4, 2014

Do Canadians Need to Stack Silver?

Whenever we make a YouTube video discussing the inflationary fiscal and monetary environment that motivates a substantial part of our silver stacking, and hopefully gold stacking one day, we inevitably turn to US statistics and Federal Reserve policy and news. This might, erroneously, give the impression that inflation is solely a US concern, something that only the American dollar holders need to worry about. In my humble opinion, this is false and as Canadians, we believe that it is prudent for us to protect our wealth from the current inflationary fiscal and monetary policies that exist in Canada.

In this video, I compare six Canadian fiscal and monetary statistics with their American equivalent to find whether there is a similar inflationary environment in Canada. These six statistics are: (i) M2 money supply, (ii) interest rate, (iii) central bank balance sheet, (iv) government spending, (v) government debt to GDP and (vi) the CPI. I won't fully spoil the video, but needless to say, inflationary fiscal and monetary policies are not solely being implemented by the US alone. Also, it needs to be mentioned that even if Canada had its fiscal and monetary house completely in order, any US repercussions would be significantly felt in Canada and in the global economy at large. This video just tries to look at the economics of the situation.

Let us know what you think of the video in the comments below, we would love to hear what you think. Also, let us know if you've made any silver purchases recently, as we are long over due for a purchase ourselves and would appreciate any suggestions. Have a great weekend everyone!

Nickel Coin Roll Hunting Finds From Box #56 - 99.9% Nickel Hoarding Continues!

Although we have not provided an update over the past few months, we are still making a concerted push toward our goal of acquiring 100 pounds of nickel bullion through coin roll hunting in 2014. While finishing up school for the semester put a damper on the number of boxes that we did between March and May, we are now back into the swing of things. We have been able to acquire a more consistent approach to coin roll hunting by gaining a coin order at our local bank, which as we have mentioned in the past, significantly assists in the coin roll hunting process. All of this couldn't come at a better time, as we are significantly behind on our 100 pound goal and will need to put in a lot of effort in the second half of the year if we are going to get close, let a lone succeed, at our goal. With this new found motivation and approach in mind, lets take a look at the results from our 56th nickel box:

$100 Nickel Box #56
-83 99.9% nickel nickels (4.15%)
-3 pre-1963 Canadian nickels
-0 pre-1960 American nickels

While our most recent results here are a little bit lower than our expectations of 100 99.9% nickel nickels per box, or 5 percent, it is still always nice to be able to add 83 nickel bullion coins into the collection and is another positive step towards 100 pounds. We are very much looking forward to jumping back into more consistent updates and trying to achieve the goal that we set out on at the beginning of the year. A lot of hard work will need to be performed, so we will be sure to keep this blog updated with our results for the second half of the year. I hope all of your searches are going very well!