Sunday, June 10, 2012

Our First Dime Box

Yesterday, my brother and I received our first dime box. Like the penny and nickel boxes that we have searched through frequently, we were primarily looking for dimes that were worth more than their face value due to their metal content. In the case of dimes, however, this was an opportunity to find some silver!

Unfortunately, our first look at the rolls sunk our hopes for silver. They were all machine wrapped rolls, and in the past, machine wrapped rolls produced very few of the coins that we were looking for. The chances of finding a silver dime, we thought, were extremely low. I searched through five rolls and our initial thoughts turned our to be true. There was not a single dimes before the year 2000, meaning that they were all of the worthless steel variety. We decided to stop there since we were destroying the machine wrapped rolls and did not have any dime rolls in which to re-roll the coins and bring them back to the bank. However, we posted a video about the box on our YouTube Channel and our amazing subscribers informed us that we could reuse the machine wrapped rolls by carefully unfolding an end.

Now being able to at least reuse the rolls to bring them back to the bank, we completed searching through the rest of the box. These rolls were just like the first five and contained no dimes before the year 2000. The results did not deter or frustrate us, since we know the chances of finding silver coins in circulation today is low. Dime hunting is a volume game and we will continue to look through rolls of dimes in hopes of finding a silver dime.


  1. I'm not sure how Canadian coin rolls are working, but in the US, I regularly find silvers in the machine wrapped rolls. Though, I do agree that they are a bit less common than in the customer wrapped rolls. I even found a silver that you would be able to appreciate: a 1968 Canada 50% Silver Dime. That was in a US roll.

    1968 50% Silver Dime

    I always hunt through the machine wrapped rolls since even if the numbers are a bit lower for silver, they are still much higher than not looking at all!

    1. Hello Gold Eagle,
      That is really interesting. Machine wrapped rolls have been awful not for our silver coins (i.e. dimes and quarters), but also for copper pennies and nickels. We just seem to have no look with them.

      Thank you for taking the time to comment. It is greatly appreciated.

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