Should I Pay Bank Fees For Coins?

When you place your order for coins to begin coin roll hunting, most banks will complete this order without any added charge. They are merely providing a service that they complete almost everyday. However, in some cases, banks will charge a certain percentage per roll when ordering your coins, which can work out to about 10% of the total purchase (can be 10 cents per roll, or more). This could occur at any bank or at anytime really.

It may not seem like a lot, but bank fees add up quickly
When you place your order at your bank and they want to charge you this extra fee for ordering your coins, should we go a head and pay this? In our opinion, you should NEVER pay bank fees for your coins. There is no reason that you have to pay this extra fee since you can always go to another bank or bank chain in order to get your coins. To be clear, it is always best to order the coins you will coin roll hunt from a bank that you are already a member of. As a member of the bank, bank tellers will usually not have a problem ordering your coins and you can save yourself from some of the extra hassle that comes when you are not a member. This rule is not set in stone. If you are having problems with your main bank, you can always try a different bank to order your coins. We have used this strategy quite effectively. Just make sure you are polite and consistent with your pick up. If you are always skipping out on your order, for example, then these bank tellers might ask you to go somewhere else.

However, as a general rule, we still prefer that you order your coins from a bank you are signed up with and have a history with. Here is why. When you go to order your coins and the issue of extra fees comes up, you can always reply that if you can’t get your coins at face value, then you will be bringing your business somewhere else (to a different bank!). Bank managers will most likely not be willing to lose your account over these fees and will hopefully drop them altogether. If you have a good amount of savings in your account, you can use this to your advantage as well. Be sure to let them know that you have quite a bit of savings at their bank. Remember, you want to get these coins only at face value so you can begin coin roll hunting as soon as possible, so use everything you can to your advantage. Please note that you may need to have a minimum amount in your account for this, so make sure you meet this requirement.

Coin roll hunting requires that you pick up boxes fairly consistently, most likely on a weekly basis. Could you imagine paying these extra fees each and every time you pick up your boxes? This would defeat the purpose of coin roll hunting to an extent. Since we are making so many frequent pick ups for coins, this is another reason why these extra fees are never to be paid in our opinion.

Remember, always be polite when dealing with your bank, but also be firm that you will not be willing to pay these extra fees for your coins. With the above tactics you should be able to get your coins at face value, and if there is still a problem, you do have options at other bank chains or other banks. Once you have these coins, then you can begin coin roll hunting.


  1. Which Canadian banks offer rolled coins?
    Are there banks dealing with it easier or more difficult?
    Can I get rolled coins at the post office?

  2. Hello todaymoser,
    All of the main Canadian banks, incluidng some of the Credit Unions, offer boxes of rolled coins to search through. I have found RBC and CIBC to be the easiest banks to work with, but I haven't had any major problems at any bank. I am not entirely sure if you can get rolled coins at the Post Office, but you may want to check with them.

    Thank you for the comment and I hope I have answered your questions!