Sunday, June 24, 2012

More Coin Roll Hunting Results

Hey guys, we have been busy coin roll hunting over the past couple of weekends. Having just gone over the totals, we can now give you a quick update on how we have been doing. Please note that last week we did not coin roll hunt through our regular two boxes of pennies since the bank did not have enough penny boxes to complete our order (not sure why the pennies were not there, we were just told that they "didn't have them," and this can happen from time to time). As you will see, however, this week the bank had our pennies and we sorted through our regular order. The first dime and nickel boxes listed below are from last weekend, and the boxes following those are from this weekend. Here is how we did:

$250 Canadian Dime Box
- skunk

$100 Canadian Nickel Box
- 145 99.9% nickels (7.25%)
- five 12-sided nickels (1961x3, 1962x2)

$250 Canadian Dime Box
- skunk

$100 Canadian Nickel Box
- 176 99.9% nickels (8.80%)
- one 12-sided nickel (1961)
- two pre-1960 American nickels (1956, 1959)

$25 Canadian Penny Box #1
- 1169 copper pennies (46.76%)
- four American 1982 pennies
- one dime
- two 2009 American pennies

$25 Canadian Penny Box #2
- 2187 copper pennies (87.46%)
- two American 1982 pennies
- two foreign coins

Seventeen (17) Total Wheat pennies: 1919, 37, 41x2, 45x2, 46, 47D, 50, 50D, 53D, 55x2, 55D, 56Dx2, 57D
Sixteen (16) Total King George IV pennies: 1940x2, 41, 42, 45x3, 46x2, 47x2, 50x2, 51, 52x2

This is most likely our best Wheat and King George VI penny week since we began coin roll hunting. Definitely since we have been keeping full statistics of our finds. We are still looking for our first silver dime, and hopefully we'll breakthrough next week. Make sure to keep checking our blog through out the week with more updates and pictures. Thank you for reading!


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    1. I just posted a reply to the main thread below & as I did, I noticed a BIG coincidence:
      We both share the same surname!!!
      Kaufman..... It'd be interesting to know if we're related!
      KAUFMAN: From the Germany "Kauf"; Business/Trade/Buy & Sell. Thus Kaufman translates to "Businessman, Trader or Merchant".
      In my case at least, the name is VERY apt!

    2. Hello James! Thank you for having such an interest in the blog. I will certainly take a look at your community, it sounds very interesting and definitely within my hobby of coin roll hunting. :)

      I would certainly have no problem with you posting the blog there. Thank you for taking the time to comment. It is greatly appreciated.

  2. Well done guys!!!
    I'm an Australian & SADLY our government withdrew "Junk Silver" coinage at the same time they switched from "Imperial" (Pre-decimal) to Decimal Coinage, releasing a whole new (SILVERLESS) range of coins so coming across Junk Silver in our pocket-change is virtually impossible.
    I should note; Though the new Decimal Currency Coinage was released in 1966, there was ONE coin released during that first year that DID contain silver: The ROUND 1966 50 cent coin. These coins were only minted during 1966, no 50 cent coins were minted in '67 or '68 but in 1969 the "New Format" (SILVERLESS) Ten Sided 50 cent coin was released & is has been minted in that format ever since.
    Currently the '66 Round 50 cent coins sell for between $10-14 (Australian).
    BASICALLY........ I ENVY YOU GUYS!!! ;)

    1. Hello Aaron! I apologize for taking so long to reply. That is very interesting to hear about the history of the Australian currency. It seems as though our countries both ended silver coinage at roughly the same time. I guess that is one of the joys of being part of the Commonwealth. ;)

      Thank you again for commenting! I look forward to hearing from you in the future.


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