Thursday, June 14, 2012

What We Found this Weekend from Coin Roll Hunting

This weekend we picked up our usual order of two boxes of Canadian pennies, a box of Canadian nickels, and a box of Canadian dimes to coin roll hunt. Altogether we had a fairly good week with our finds. Although it would have been nice to have found at least one dime, we'll definitely take what we got, and keep on search. Here are the results:

$25 Penny Box #1
- 1051 copper pennies (42.04%)

$25 Penny Box #2
- 1028 copper pennies (41.12%)

Total King George VI pennies (13): 38 (very nice looking), 40x2, 41x2, 42, 43, 44x2, 45, 48, 51x2
Total Wheat pennies (3): 44D, 55, 58D
Also had four dimes this week (always seem to find a couple of dimes each week)

$100 Canadian Nickel Box
- 123 99.9% nickels (ranging from 1963 to 1981)

Total 12-sided nickels (5): 47 (King George VI), 61x2, 62x2
One American nickel with a possible strike error (however, looks more and more like PMD)
Also had one foreign coin, a 2000 Bermuda nickel

$250 Canadian Dime Box
- skunk

Be sure to check out our results pages soon to see full results and statistics and our YouTube Channel for videos of our coin roll hunts. Looking forward to picking up our next order this weekend already!

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