Sunday, June 24, 2012

More Coin Roll Hunting Results

Hey guys, we have been busy coin roll hunting over the past couple of weekends. Having just gone over the totals, we can now give you a quick update on how we have been doing. Please note that last week we did not coin roll hunt through our regular two boxes of pennies since the bank did not have enough penny boxes to complete our order (not sure why the pennies were not there, we were just told that they "didn't have them," and this can happen from time to time). As you will see, however, this week the bank had our pennies and we sorted through our regular order. The first dime and nickel boxes listed below are from last weekend, and the boxes following those are from this weekend. Here is how we did:

$250 Canadian Dime Box
- skunk

$100 Canadian Nickel Box
- 145 99.9% nickels (7.25%)
- five 12-sided nickels (1961x3, 1962x2)

$250 Canadian Dime Box
- skunk

$100 Canadian Nickel Box
- 176 99.9% nickels (8.80%)
- one 12-sided nickel (1961)
- two pre-1960 American nickels (1956, 1959)

$25 Canadian Penny Box #1
- 1169 copper pennies (46.76%)
- four American 1982 pennies
- one dime
- two 2009 American pennies

$25 Canadian Penny Box #2
- 2187 copper pennies (87.46%)
- two American 1982 pennies
- two foreign coins

Seventeen (17) Total Wheat pennies: 1919, 37, 41x2, 45x2, 46, 47D, 50, 50D, 53D, 55x2, 55D, 56Dx2, 57D
Sixteen (16) Total King George IV pennies: 1940x2, 41, 42, 45x3, 46x2, 47x2, 50x2, 51, 52x2

This is most likely our best Wheat and King George VI penny week since we began coin roll hunting. Definitely since we have been keeping full statistics of our finds. We are still looking for our first silver dime, and hopefully we'll breakthrough next week. Make sure to keep checking our blog through out the week with more updates and pictures. Thank you for reading!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

What We Found this Weekend from Coin Roll Hunting

This weekend we picked up our usual order of two boxes of Canadian pennies, a box of Canadian nickels, and a box of Canadian dimes to coin roll hunt. Altogether we had a fairly good week with our finds. Although it would have been nice to have found at least one dime, we'll definitely take what we got, and keep on search. Here are the results:

$25 Penny Box #1
- 1051 copper pennies (42.04%)

$25 Penny Box #2
- 1028 copper pennies (41.12%)

Total King George VI pennies (13): 38 (very nice looking), 40x2, 41x2, 42, 43, 44x2, 45, 48, 51x2
Total Wheat pennies (3): 44D, 55, 58D
Also had four dimes this week (always seem to find a couple of dimes each week)

$100 Canadian Nickel Box
- 123 99.9% nickels (ranging from 1963 to 1981)

Total 12-sided nickels (5): 47 (King George VI), 61x2, 62x2
One American nickel with a possible strike error (however, looks more and more like PMD)
Also had one foreign coin, a 2000 Bermuda nickel

$250 Canadian Dime Box
- skunk

Be sure to check out our results pages soon to see full results and statistics and our YouTube Channel for videos of our coin roll hunts. Looking forward to picking up our next order this weekend already!

Monday, June 11, 2012

What We Coin Roll Hunt and How Often

We've been getting a few questions regarding what types and what denominations of coins we are currently coin roll hunting through, and how often. At this time, we are coin roll hunting on the weekend mostly. Usually this will take place on Saturdays. We have never had a problem finishing our sorting in a day or two, and generally re-roll the coins sometime during the week before bringing them back to the bank before the next search.

As for the types of coins that we coin roll hunt through, every week we order: (1) two boxes of Canadian pennies, (2) one box of Canadian nickels, (3) one box of Canadian dimes.

Right now we are happy with sorting through four boxes a week, but might look into increasing this total in the near future. Don't forget you can see the results of our weekly coin roll hunts on our result pages, and videos of these hunts can be found on our YouTube Channel.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Our First Dime Box

Yesterday, my brother and I received our first dime box. Like the penny and nickel boxes that we have searched through frequently, we were primarily looking for dimes that were worth more than their face value due to their metal content. In the case of dimes, however, this was an opportunity to find some silver!

Unfortunately, our first look at the rolls sunk our hopes for silver. They were all machine wrapped rolls, and in the past, machine wrapped rolls produced very few of the coins that we were looking for. The chances of finding a silver dime, we thought, were extremely low. I searched through five rolls and our initial thoughts turned our to be true. There was not a single dimes before the year 2000, meaning that they were all of the worthless steel variety. We decided to stop there since we were destroying the machine wrapped rolls and did not have any dime rolls in which to re-roll the coins and bring them back to the bank. However, we posted a video about the box on our YouTube Channel and our amazing subscribers informed us that we could reuse the machine wrapped rolls by carefully unfolding an end.

Now being able to at least reuse the rolls to bring them back to the bank, we completed searching through the rest of the box. These rolls were just like the first five and contained no dimes before the year 2000. The results did not deter or frustrate us, since we know the chances of finding silver coins in circulation today is low. Dime hunting is a volume game and we will continue to look through rolls of dimes in hopes of finding a silver dime.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Welcome to Canada Coin Hunting!

Thank you for visiting our blog! If you are looking for an easy way to invest in metals and bullion to protect against inflation, or to just have some fun while searching for old numismatic coins, of if you just enjoy watching the excitement of coin roll hunting, then you have come to the right place.

Canada Coin Hunting follows and documents the coin finds of two brothers. Each week, we sort through two boxes of pennies and a box of nickels looking for 98% copper pennies and 99.9% nickel nickels. In the near future we will also begin looking for 80% silver dimes boxes. Many individuals do not know that Canada's currency was once made out of these valuable metals and are worth much more than their face value today. However, coin roll hunting doesn't just produce these valuable metal coins. Many weeks we find older and rare coins that are almost one hundred years old. Our hobby of coin roll hunting also provides us with an enjoyable way to relax and to discuss topics of economics and politics.

This blog will also be used to discuss topics related to coin roll hunting, such as monetary policy, fiscal policy, and economics. Coin roll hunting is not a get rich scheme and therefore we find that it is also useful to become rich in knowledge. For us, coin roll hunting is a way to put our economic and philosophic ideas into action and to protect against the irresponsible monetary policy that the world is embarked upon.

We hope that you enjoy the blog and find it useful. Please feel free to leave any questions in the comments section below. You can follow us on Twitter at @coinhunting. If you want to see videos of our most recent coin finds, visit our YouTube Channel here: