Sunday, June 3, 2012

Welcome to Canada Coin Hunting!

Thank you for visiting our blog! If you are looking for an easy way to invest in metals and bullion to protect against inflation, or to just have some fun while searching for old numismatic coins, of if you just enjoy watching the excitement of coin roll hunting, then you have come to the right place.

Canada Coin Hunting follows and documents the coin finds of two brothers. Each week, we sort through two boxes of pennies and a box of nickels looking for 98% copper pennies and 99.9% nickel nickels. In the near future we will also begin looking for 80% silver dimes boxes. Many individuals do not know that Canada's currency was once made out of these valuable metals and are worth much more than their face value today. However, coin roll hunting doesn't just produce these valuable metal coins. Many weeks we find older and rare coins that are almost one hundred years old. Our hobby of coin roll hunting also provides us with an enjoyable way to relax and to discuss topics of economics and politics.

This blog will also be used to discuss topics related to coin roll hunting, such as monetary policy, fiscal policy, and economics. Coin roll hunting is not a get rich scheme and therefore we find that it is also useful to become rich in knowledge. For us, coin roll hunting is a way to put our economic and philosophic ideas into action and to protect against the irresponsible monetary policy that the world is embarked upon.

We hope that you enjoy the blog and find it useful. Please feel free to leave any questions in the comments section below. You can follow us on Twitter at @coinhunting. If you want to see videos of our most recent coin finds, visit our YouTube Channel here:


  1. Great blog, I recently started searching through boxes of nickels and I don't sort, but I do stack boxes of pennies (I'll get my kids to do it when they're older).

    Also discussing your blog on's forum. He has a good blog and YT channel as well!

    Keep up the good work and good hunting!

    1. Hey Harbl! I apologize such a late reply to your generous comment. My brother and I have not been updating the blog recently and I just realized how to check for comments.

      Thank you very much, I am so glad that you enjoy the blog! How are you finding the nickel searching? Also, that is a great idea to pick up some extra pennies. I am up here in Canada, and with the demise of our penny, it might be a good idea to stack some penny boxes.

      Thank you again for the comment and for sharing! I hope to hear back from you and best of luck in all of your future hunts.


  2. Hey guys,
    I just had couple of ideas for you guys to discuss.
    It has to do with selling bullion but in my opinion it also has a huge influence on what bullion I personally buy.
    I would like to first start off by saying I'm not one of the big believers in dooms day/zombie apocalypse type scenarios. But having said that things in our world could greatly change from the way we have it now. So I'm not naive to a world that could greatly change.

    Now having said all that I come to my point. What do I have to do to make sure I can sell my silver should I need/want to? I live in a smallish sized town. There are no coin dealers and only two pawn shops. Both pawn shops know little to nothing about bullion and said they never get asked about it. One of the pawn shops said he would give me 60% of spot for 10 or 20 ounces but that's it. I can basically rule them out if and when I need to sell bullion. I have another pawn shop in a near by town 40 min away who will give me 90 to 95% of spot for Canadian Maples. I don't think I'd be doing myself any favors trying to sell a foreign bullion coin let a lone a generic round. People that don't know anything about coins or bullion aren't going to risk buying something unknown. People know that everything is counterfeit these days and dishonesty is everywhere. Some governments even appear to turn their backs to this as well as other criminal activity. It's for these reasons that I don't buy Mexican Libertads, Somali Elephants or Chinese Pandas. I don't trust them why would I support them by buying their representations in this market and at a premium no less? The 2015 Pandas don't even say their purity or give a weight anymore. That's a big red flag, no thanks. Stackers always like to say "Silver is silver" but I couldn't disagree more. Government issued bullion from a trusted government will be much more sought after. Bullion from the country you live in would be a no brainer in my opinion. So in good times I can basically sell Maples. That's my conclusion. I think it will only get more difficult as the price goes up the scrutiny will also. 2014 and 2015 Maples have additional security so that may become more of a plus.

    Say silver goes up to $200 per troy oz. Who is buying? I think people who think they will suddenly be able to cash in their stacks for bags of cash are mistaken. Who sells cheap and buys high? I think even selling to a large online company will be tough. If I call up SGB and tell them I have 100 silver Maples I want to sell to them for close to the $200 spot price (dreaming I know) will they say "Sure"? I really don't think they will. Their business will be over pretty fast with the number of phone calls they'll be getting. They'll want to limit their exposure so they will limit their purchases when spot is high. I don't know this as fact but it only makes reasonable sense doesn't it? So who's buying when spot goes up? Where are we going to sell even a few ounces should the price of spot climb to $100 or above?

    I'm a bullion stacker and I believe it's a very smart investment. These are things I've never seen anyone address or discuss on YouTube or the internet. I can't be the only person thinking about this am I?


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  5. Where do I find information about how many coins you need to actually make it worth doing this. I usually give coins to family members who collect. My Dad had a collection of old coins which my brother now has of coins from 1900's and up. I seen myself spend and old coin figuring it's not worth more then the value of the coin. So how many silver dime do you really need to make it worth your time.

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