Monday, June 11, 2012

What We Coin Roll Hunt and How Often

We've been getting a few questions regarding what types and what denominations of coins we are currently coin roll hunting through, and how often. At this time, we are coin roll hunting on the weekend mostly. Usually this will take place on Saturdays. We have never had a problem finishing our sorting in a day or two, and generally re-roll the coins sometime during the week before bringing them back to the bank before the next search.

As for the types of coins that we coin roll hunt through, every week we order: (1) two boxes of Canadian pennies, (2) one box of Canadian nickels, (3) one box of Canadian dimes.

Right now we are happy with sorting through four boxes a week, but might look into increasing this total in the near future. Don't forget you can see the results of our weekly coin roll hunts on our result pages, and videos of these hunts can be found on our YouTube Channel.

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