Sunday, May 12, 2013

Canadian Copper Penny Results - Penny Box #35

Great to find a 1939 King George VI penny!

Coin roll hunting for Canadian copper pennies is one of my favourite hobbies. Unfortunately, pennies were discontinued in Canada this February. But my brother and I were able to hoard a few boxes before they were gone. These penny results are not from those final hoarded boxes, but are from a box I coin roll hunted back in January and wasn't able to produce the results for because I returned back to school. Here are the results:

$25 Penny Box
- 880 copper pennies (35.20%)

Total King George VI pennies (4): 39, 44, 50, 51

Keeping the nice condition pennies before 1980.
We did not have any Wheat cents in this particular box, which is a bit unfortunate. There were seven 1982 American pennies that we will weigh to confirm which ones are copper and which ones are zinc. Finally, in this box there were really extremely nice coins, from 1960, 1962 and 1970 that were in great condition. With the demise of the Canadian pennies this year, we have decided to keep pennies that are in very nice condition when they are older than 1980.

Hope that you enjoy the results for this box. Check out the YouTube video above to see the full results from box #35.

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