Saturday, December 21, 2013

Coin Roll Hunting Finds From Nickel Box #35

With the Canadian penny now eliminated, we have been focusing on coin roll hunting as many nickels boxes as we can. We are looking for any pre-1982 Canadian nickels, as well as older pre-1963 12-sided, King George VI and King George V nickels. Our 35th nickel box was a very interesting one that contained many varieties of the older coins we are looking for. Here are our results from this box:

$100 Nickel Box #35
-Pre-1982 99.9% nickel nickels: 157 (7.85%)
-Pre-1963 nickels: 11 (1927, 1929x2, 1937, 1945x3, 1961x2, 1962x2)

We found some great King George V nickels, including a 1927 and two 1929s. We have also added to our Canadian wartime nickels with three 1945 chrome-plated steel nickels. We do not get too many of these nickels, so anytime we find even one it is very exciting.

Since we are off for the holidays until January we are going to try to coin roll hunt as many nickel boxes as we can. As always, we will share the results with you all. Let us know how your coin roll hunting is going and we hope that you are having a great holiday! Best of luck in your future searches!

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