Sunday, March 16, 2014

Nickel Coin Roll Hunting Finds From Box #45 (Another Great Box!)

We were back at it again with our favourite hobby, coin roll hunting! Each week we go through one $100 box of nickels, looking for pre-1982 Canadian nickels. We are looking for these particular nickels because an inflationary fiscal and monetary policy has caused their metal value to be worth more than their 5 cent face value. For example, as I write this today, with the price of nickel just over $7/pound, these pre-1982 are worth 7.1 cents in metal value. And we are only paying 5 cents for them; what a deal! This isn't a get rich keep scheme, but it certainly, in our opinion, is a positive way to protect our wealth from inflation.

We do not look for only the pre-1982 nickels. One of the reasons why coin roll hunting is so exciting to us is that there is the added benefits from finding older, rarer coins that carry a small numismatic element to them. Recently we have had amazing luck when looking for these older coins, and this most recent box continued the great streak that we have been on. Let's take a look at the results from our 44th box:

$100 Nickel Box #45
-149 99.9% nickel nickels (7.45%)
-13 pre-1963 Canadian nickels
-0 pre-1960 American nickels

We are looking forward to seeing what our next box yields, and as always, we will share the results with you on this blog. How have your finds been going this week?

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  1. Hello, I`ve just started coin roll hunting as a hobby and find it very enjoyable. One question though, do you ever try to make a small profit by exchanging any american coins you find for canadian when the exchange rate is good? If so, what place will allow you to do this?