Saturday, June 1, 2013

Copper Penny Hoarding Results From Box #37

Excellent condition Canadian centennial dove pennies!
If you have been following this blog in the past, then you know that we sort through $25 boxes of pennies looking for older numismatic coin, in addition to 98% copper pennies minted in Canada before 1997. The monetary policy of Canada, as well as the majority of Western countries, has resulted in copper pennies being worth more than their face value. Therefore, we have been going through boxes of pennies for the last few years in order to benefit from this increase in value.

In our 37th penny box, we were fortunate to get a decent copper percentage, in addition to a number of American Wheat pennies and Canadian King George VI pennies. Finding every Wheat and King George penny now is more important than ever since we have not been able to get anymore pennies from the banks. Also, since the Canadian Mint is melting down every Canadian penny, including these older numismatic coins, the value of King George pennies should go up significantly in the future. Here are the results for this box:
The  King George and Wheat pennies from our 37th box

$25 Penny Box
-852 copper pennies (34.1%)

Total King George VI pennies: 3
Total American Wheat cents: 2

Hopefully our last remaining penny boxes can yield a significant copper percentage, as well as some more King George pennies and Wheat cents. All the best in your hunts this week!

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