Saturday, August 17, 2013

Silver and Gold Stacking Goal

As you can probably tell, we enjoy coin roll hunting through boxes of pennies, nickels and dimes to look for coins that are composed of metals that make their melt value higher than their face value, in addition to older coins that consist of numismatic value. We find that coin roll hunting makes sense for a number of reasons, particularly as a way to protect ourselves against inflation.

However, we are also purchasers of silver, and hoperfully one day, of gold as well. We purchase silver bullion in order to once again, similarly to coin roll hunting, protect our wealth in economic environments consisting of inflationary fiscal and monetary policies. In the video above, I explain why I choose to have 10% of my wealth in precious metals as my stacking goal and I why believe this makes sense from an asset vs. investment standpoint. However, I also state that purchasing silver from a supply vs demand standpoint is popular too and just as valid to those who go that route. In the end, we are all accumulating silver and gold.

I also provide a brief update on our YouTube channel going forward. If you would like to see all of our coin roll hunting results for the last 15 months, check out some of the videos on that channel.

What are your silver and gold stacking goals?

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