Friday, January 3, 2014

Nickel Coin Roll Hunting Finds From Box #37

Anyone who has been coin roll hunting for any substantial period of time knows that banks do not always have coins available to give you during busy periods, Christmas being one of those periods. This is what happened to us recently when we walked into a local bank in order to try to pick up a box of nickels in order to search for Canadian nickels before 1982. Quite understandably, the bank could not spare to handout a full box, however, the teller was extremely generous and was able to allow us to leave with $40 in nickels! She didn't have to do this and we were very grateful for the rolls we could get our hands on.

The results that we received made us appreciate her kindness even more! Although we were not able to find any pre-1963 Canadian nickels or pre-1960 American nickels, we had one of our best nickel bullion percentages in a long time. We ended up with 78 99.9% nickel nickels in total, which worked out to be 9.75%! It has been a while since we have received that good of a rate, so it was pretty exciting to be finding so many of them. In fact, we found one more 99.9% nickel nickel in this box than we did in the previous $100 worth of nickels. Here are the results for this box:

$40 Worth of Nickels
-Pre-1982 99.9% nickel nickels: 78 (9.75%)
-Pre-1963 Canadian nickels: 0
-Pre-1960 American nickels: 0

This $40 worth of nickels was definitely a reminder for us that sometimes it is better to get your hands on whatever amount you can when a full box isn't available, in addition to showing that there is still the potential to receive a high percentage of nickel bullion in any box. You just have to be patient and enjoy yourself during the less plentiful boxes. Thanks to this very generous teller, we were able to keep adding to our nickel collection and enjoy a little bit a fun with our coin roll hunting hobby.

Let us know in the comment section below how your searches are going as we begin 2014. I hope all of your searches are going great!

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