Monday, January 6, 2014

Silver Stacking Goals For 2014 - Journey to 100 Ounces

Although this blog strongly focuses on coin roll hunting, we have also been committed to purchasing silver over the last few years. We are purchasing silver (and hopefully some gold in the future) for many of the same reasons that we coin roll hunt. At the forefront, however, is to protect our wealth from the current monetary and fiscal policies that the world is embarking on, which we see as inflationary. Although there is no telling what could happen in the future, we see putting some money into silver as a responsible and positive action to take for ourselves.

In 2013, we had great results in adding to our silver stack. We were aided by the fact that we had set a goal, in September, of purchasing 1 ounce of silver every month for the remainder of the year. The primary reason that we are setting our our coin roll hunting and silver goals for 2014 is based on the success that doing so has provided us in the past. We ended up going over and above the goal and were able to add 24 total ounces of silver during 2013. Although this doesn't seem like a lot, and probably isn't compared to many of those who also stack silver, this was by far our most successful year and we were able to double our silver stack. We are going in the right direction and hope to keep the momentum going in 2014.

We have set a fairly bold (for us) silver goal for the upcoming year. We are going to try to add 100 ounces of silver in 2014. Like our 2014 coin roll hunting goal, we believe that it is both reasonable and realistic. However, it will take a little bit more work and sacrifice on our part to be successful, since it will be more difficult than adding 100 pounds of nickel bullion. That being said, we will have fun along the way and be sure to track the journey on our YouTube channel and on this blog.

If you have made a target goal for your silver stack in 2014, let us know in the comment section below, as we would be very interest in hearing what you are aiming for. We hope that whatever you goal is in terms of silver, that you have a lot of fun during the journey and are left with many rewards outside of the additions to your silver stack. All the best to you in 2014!

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