Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Our Direction and Plan for Coin Roll Hunting, Silver Stacking and Podcasts

The past few months have been difficult for us in terms of our goals in regard to stacking silver and coin roll hunting Canadian nickels. The necessity of having to focus on the traditionally considered important aspects of life that we all have meant that we had to put our silver stacking and nickel coin roll hunting on hold. However, we love silver stacking and coin roll hunting, and more importantly, we love sharing our journey in these respects with the amazing communities that have grown around these topics and the great individuals who we have the pleasure to engage with on YouTube and through social media.

That is why we are now taking the opportunity to refocus our silver stacking and coin roll hunting goals. Further, we have also committed to doing podcast-like discussion videos two times a week, which we hope to be able to use to discuss the topics of coin roll hunting, silver and gold stacking and economics more generally. It may not come across in all of our videos, but we are avid lovers of economics and history and the discussion videos should be a great outlet to be able to engage these topics more fully.

In terms of coin roll hunting, our goals are a bit more definable. We are hoping to be able to coin roll hunt through two $100 boxes of Canadian nickels every week. I believe that now is a great opportunity to try to get as many 99.9% nickel nickels as we can as there is the potential that these coins might not be available in significant quantities for much longer. Therefore, we will commit to making a push to hoard them and two boxes a week should be a very achievable goal for us. Finally, we do not have a set number of ounces that we would like to add into our silver stack for the rest of the year, but I think we have a number of purchases left in front of us in 2015 and I am confident that anyone following this blog or our YouTube channel will enjoy the additions as well.

That is the rest of our 2015 in a nutshell. We are definitely excited about being able to get back into our favourite hobby of coin roll hunting as well as making more consistent silver additions and we are excited to add a little more discussion in between the hunting and stacking. Thank you again to everyone for sticking with us over the past year and we hope you enjoy what is coming.

Have you made any recent silver purchases and had success with coin roll hunting recently? Please feel free to let us know in the comment section below as we always love hearing the results that others are having as well.


  1. Nice! The pod should be interesting and very unique.
    I haven't gotten anything new really myself either as of late. Exception being the few coins of inheritance I received recently. It's very little and all 60's era coin and I would never sell it, but it is nice to have for the memories and historical significance.
    Looking forward to picking up my own exploits in silver hunting this summer as things slow down in my own life!

    1. Thank you for the kind and supportive comment AJ, it is greatly appreciated! Yeah we are just now able to start making some additions into the stack at this time but also hoping to make some more consistent purchases over the next few months.

      That is awesome to hear you are looking forward to a podcast-like discussion video from us in the near future too. We are hoping that it is at least an interesting look at a number of these topics and possibly even helpful at the end of the day. Thank you again for taking the time to comment AJ and all the best!

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