Sunday, June 21, 2015

Silver Stack Additions: 2015 Austrian Philharmonics and American Eagles

If you read our previous post, you know that we have not been able to add a significant number of ounces into our silver collection this past year. In 2014, we set a goal of adding 100 ounces of silver into our stack and we were fortunate enough to blow past that goal by the end of the year. However, for 2015, we determined that we would not set a number of ounces to aim for but instead looked to add what we could here and there.

We started the year off very slowly with no significant purchases until only recently when we added the 2015 Somalian Elephant 1-ounce silver coins, which we are big fans of. However, those 4 ounces aside, we did not add any other silver this year.

But we are committed to continue to stack silver for the rest of 2015 and we took a step in that direction with a recent silver purchase. We were able to add 8 more ounces into our silver stack by purchasing 4 1-ounce 2015 American Silver Eagles and 4 1-ounce 2015 Austrian Philharmonics. It feels good to get back into the action on the year. As I mentioned in the video above, we are big fans of both of these series, and as far as adding lower premium, government issued bullion, the Eagles and the Philharmonics are our go-to coins. Not only can we get them at relatively the same price that we can get the Canadian Silver Maples, or at different times even cheaper, we are big fans of the design of these coins and think they look great. The Philharmonics and Eagles help us to lower our dollar cost average and we hope to be able to add a few each purchase in order to ultimately fill a tube of them.

This recent silver purchase has brought our total ounces for 2015 to 12 ounces. That certainly is a small drop in the pan to many silver stackers out there, but for us it represents another step in the right direction in our humble opinion and keeps us motivated to continue upon this path for the remainder of the year. We don't know where we will end, but we are confident that we will be in a better spot at year's end than at its start.

Thank you all for the support as always and please let us know how your 2015 silver stacking goals are going or whether you have made any silver purchases recently.


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