Sunday, February 16, 2014

Hoarding Cupro-Nickels and 99.9% Nickel Dimes and Quarters?

Coin roll hunting is an extensive hobby, as there are many different ways to engage in the hobby and with many different coins that could be kept based on your own personal preferences and desires. For us, we look for coins that have a higher metal value than their face value currently or in the future, which generally includes compositions that include silver dimes and quarters, copper pennies and 99.9% nickel nickels. However, a question that we are asked frequently, and also discussed within the coin roll hunting community, is whether or not we hoard cupro-nickels and 99.9% nickel dimes and quarters.

The quick answer to both questions is not currently, but potentially in the future, for the cupro-nickels (i.e. nickels made from 75% copper and 25% nickel) and no for the 99.9% nickel dimes and quarters. In the video above, I go into greater detail why this is the case, but it has to do primarily whether or not we see value in these coins going forward. This is particularly true in light of the fact that we also see silver as a good place to put our money in order to protect our wealth within the current fiscal and monetary environment. Let us know in the comment section below whether or not you hoard cupro-nickels or 99.9% nickel dimes and quarters currently or could do so in the future.


  1. Very interesting. This was something I hadn't thought of muhc in the past as I have been more focused on silver dollars. Might start to seriously look at nickel dimes and quarters now that I might come across.

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