Sunday, February 16, 2014

Nickel Coin Roll Hunting Finds From Box #43 - Best Nickel Box of the Year!

Boxes like our past week's nickel box is what makes coin roll hunting an amazing hobby. Our 43rd nickel box ended up being our best box of the year so far, and by a pretty large margin. Not only did we find a substantial amount of 99.9% nickel nickels, but we had an amazing 22 pre-1963 Canadian and American nickel, primarily from Canada. This box will certainly help us to hit our yearly goal of 100 pounds of nickel bullion. Let's take a look at the results from our 43rd box:

$100 Nickel Box #43
-191 99.9% nickel nickels (9.55%)
-18 pre-1963 Canadian nickels
-4 pre-1960 American nickels

To see the nickels that we were able to find in this box, view the video above. I think that you will find it to be entertaining, particularly if you enjoy seeing coin roll hunting results as much as I do. As we move closer and closer towards our goal for the year, I just wanted to take the time to once again thank all of you great visitors to this blog. You certainly help us to keep going each week! Let us know how your searches are going this week in the comment section below.

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