Thursday, February 13, 2014

Nickel Coin Roll Hunting Finds From Box #42 - Canadian Wartime Nickel Streak Continues!

This was a fun box to coin roll hunt through! We have been lucky to have had some great success in finding older, more rare coins in our most recent nickel boxes, namely pre-1963 Canadian and American nickels. Our streak was extended with this box, and we did great on the Canadian wartime nickels from the years 1944 and 1945. Although they are not made of silver like the American war nickels, these coins were actually made from chrome-plated steel rather than nickel and they standout from the other years. Additionally, their age gives them a nice premium, which while not exceptionally large, is still an exciting reward for coin roll hunters. Let's take a look at the results from our 42nd nickel box:

$100 Nickel Box #42
-109 99.9% nickel nickels (5.45%)
-10 pre-1963 Canadian nickels
-1 pre-1960 American nickels

Although we would have liked to have found a few more of the 99.9% nickel nickels in this box, we are fully accepting of the fact that it will not be often that we get close to our older average of 10%. If we can continue to stay above 5% each box, we will be well on our way to our 100 pound goal for 2014.

How are your coin roll hunting searches going? Let us now what you are finding and any exciting finds down in the comment section below.

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